Do you enjoy yachting, golfing, going to the opera, visiting historical places, and staying at 5-star boutique hotels? Whatever it is that you desire, let us know, & we will make it happen for you!

We specialize in creating ideal tailor-made solutions to live up to your expectations. We delve deep into the destination and provide a unique insider’s perspective of the people, places, and history that you can expect to encounter. We show you the unexpected; we provide the very best local expertise and knowledge and deliver unforgettable experiences. From beginning to end, we ensure that your trip to the Baltics, Scandinavia, or Russia will be a hassle-free, VIP experience filled with great food, great entertainment, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Design, art & fashion

Design, art, and fashion are quite often compared to gourmet food. No wonder as, if executed well, both food and art can stimulate the senses. What is the traditional local cuisine – Nordic cuisine with a twist, or German or Russian? Baltic Luxury arranges private tours that include cooking classes and culinary tours.

Where is Estonian, Latvian, or Lithuanian Fashion Design heading for? To find out, we take you to visit very best and most world-renowned local designer boutiques and studios, along with some nice food and wine stops combined with remarkable sightseeing along the way.

Weddings & Anniversaries

If you wish to have a unique wedding, but you don’t want to jump completely out of the box, there are more subtle ways to give your day a unique twist. Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania may not offer a jungle backdrop, but it excels at cliff-top ceremonies and venues soaked in history & beauty of hundred years old Manor Houses.

Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania – destination of Your next golf holiday!

Baltic countries are still relatively undiscovered destinations. Golf in the Baltics is even less known. That means you will get your first glimpse of an exotic, new destination that’s chock full of surprises, including everything from the historic, fairytale charm to the natural beauty of the countries’ primeval forests and rugged seacoast picked with some fantastic golf venues. The Estonian Golf & Country Club is improving in the Golf World’s TOP100 European

Travel photography, bird – watching & hunting

Travel Photography is one of the most popular hobbies in the world – storing memories and capturing timeless beauty have intrigued and attracted mankind since the beginning of time. Taking pictures is a great way to prolong your vacation, take a piece of it with you – and let you relive the happiest moments again and again.

Baltic Countries are ideal for bird-watching.
Estonia is home to one of the most significant stops on the main migratory route of Arctic waterfowl and
have important stopover sites in West Estonia.

Conferences & incentives

If you’re looking to organize a conference or perhaps an incentive in a unique space that is compact and easily accessible, then you’ve reached your destination, included with the latest innovations and hundreds of years of history. A historical and innovative atmosphere can really bring your people one step closer to each other and play an important role in creating the perfect team spirit.

If you’re looking to go for the real deal – a lung-full of fresh air and a grind of salt of the Earth – head for the many farms and gourmet restaurants that host meetings, dinners and incentives in the midst of forests. Many of top restaurants are located on the coast and in the countryside, while you can also order for a gourmet meal to be set up in the midst of untouched nature. Later, you can take a scenic stroll through famous bogs and explore the local wildlife, you might even spot a brown bear or a lynx getting on with their daily business…

Dog sledding & snowshoeing

If you wish to go for more high speeds and opt for the cute factor, then a day of dog sledding is a perfect way to experience the northern winter. Come and take a look at our huskies and see for yourself what the difference is between the Alaskan and Siberian breeds! It will be a great day out in the country with your family or friends!

Snowshoes give you great opportunity to hike in bogs and forests. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania has great number of wild animals. In snow all the tracks of hare, roe deer, elk, wild boar, lynx, wolf, and pine marten are visible. Keep your eyes and ears open for this great nature and silence.

Winter holidays – here we come!

The Baltics with their old towns are at their fairytale best in winter, with the red rooftops covered in snow. It couldn’t get more Christmassy than Christmas Markets in the Baltics, which open every year from late November until early January. More than fifty stalls centered around the large Christmas tree make for that dreamy Christmas phenomena that has been widely regarded by international media outlets as the most charming, coziest and enchanting. In case you didn’t prepare for the changing weather, you can stock up on traditional quilts, felted hats, and slippers made by locals.